Monday, 31 October 2011

Astro B.Yond BEst giler event!!!

As salam...

ni plak nk citer pasal event hari sabtu sebelah malam..huhuh.dari sunway Pyramid terussssss ke SOLARIS Mont Kiara..Event Astro BEyond.

AStro Beyond!!!! tersergam indah!!!

Mini stage!!!
NAmpak x siapakah yg berbaju Pink!!!
Taraaa itulah KAk VOUGE!!!
Snap!! SNAP!!!

Banyak goodies bag!!

Kehebatan Astro B.Yond IPTV

1) The Best Tv Content from Astro
 -With over 150 Channels, consisting of HD (High- defination) Channels, you will be able to discover the far reaches of the planet, enjoy a blend of asia and western entertainment, and catch up on the sporting world.

2) Innovative Personal Recording Services (PVR)
- YOu will no longer be limited to air time schedule with recording and playback services.You are now in control of your television set, to watch tv, your time, your way.

3) Video-on- demand (VOD) services
- With an ever updating library of programmes of over 200 titles, you can view a list of programmes on your screen and select your favourite movie or show.Within a few clicks on the remote, the movie of your choice will immediately be played on tv.

4) FAstest Possible fibre broadband.
- The same line which brings TV content will be also you high speed fibre broadband of up to 30Mbps, Faster than any broadband speed currently avaible in Malaysia. The single, reliable line, powered by TIME's 100% fibre optic cables, translates to greater and smoother surfing speeds as well as quicker loading time for websites and video content on the Internet.You will no longer need to wait for you Video to Buffer.

ASTRO B.YOND IPTV:: Perfect Home Solution.

Astro B.Yond IPTV is equipped with a HD and PVR enabled box, HDMI cable, Wi-Fi router modem, an Astro smartcard, and remote control.

We call it the perfect home solution because it caters not only to your digital needs, but also to the cpnnected lifestyle of your entire family.Imagine this with Astro B.Yond IPTV services, you'll never have to fight for the remote with your brother/sister ever again!

It cab support up to TWO Astro B.Yond IPTV set-top boxes.This means that you can be recording up to TWO HD channels while watching either one of the HD channel or a  pre- recorded programme. You can also be downloading your THIRD programme via VOD at the same time!

LOG On to to find out more about Astro B.Yond IPTV.

    NIlah Event untuk blogger yang banyak dapat goodies bag..TApi sayang dyat tak snap Goodies bag yg di 'RAMPAS' hehehhehehehe.



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